08-09.12.2015 SNS seminar on Developing on forest governance in Northern Europe

School of Forest Sciences (Adj Prof. Blas Mola) and Department of Geographical of Historical Sciences (Prof. Jarmo Kortelainen) organizing a workshop as part of the Nordic Forest Research netowork (SNS)


02.11.2015 The bioenergy conflict database is opened for public use

The bioenergy conflict database now is opened for public use, you are welcome to propose your conflict


Project session at the Finnish Geography Days 2015, Tampere

Organized session at the Finnish Geography Days 29.-30.10.2015 in Tampere by the DEBEG project on "Mobility, mutation and translation processes of EU renewable energy policies". The session contians four presentations by the DEBEG research team and wraps up some different perspectives on bioenergy governance that have been studied during the current project.


01-02.10.2015 Indian Forest Service Mid-Career Training in Finland and Russiaa

The course is organized by University of Eastern Finland (UEF) with main partners in FDC Tapio and other participating organizations in Finland and Russia. In India the organizing institutions are Indira Gandhi National Forest Academy (INGFA) and The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI). Practical arrangements, academic content and main coordination during this foreign module is outsourced to EduSilva professionals.


21-24.09.2015 Wood Energy Solutions Tour

RUSWES 2015 is an event giving an insight into state-of-the-art in the bioenergy business and waste management sector tailored for different markets. The biomass-based energy production and waste management systems are presented from raw material supply chains to energy production and energy delivery in a practical SHOW-HOW manner.

In Brief

The objective of this project is to analyze the emergence of Bioenergy governance systems and regulation in Europe from a transnational scale to local environments.

The project is funded by the University of Eastern Finland under the Call for Innovative Research Initiatives, and the leadership of Professor Jarmo Kortelainen.